Privacy Policy

The privacy of visitors to our website is very important to us, and we are committed to protecting it by following the provisions of the European RGPD and the Swiss nLPD. This policy details what we do with your personal information.

Data collected by

The website is hosted in Switzerland by Infomaniak. It is connected to the free Matomo software for audience analysis, a certain amount of data is collected and used for statistical purposes.

Internet user’s public IP address.
Country of origin of the connection.
Number of visits to the site.
Origin (if the user came from a search engine or typed the URL address directly into their browser).
Web browser.
Operating system.
Device category (desktop, tablet, mobile phone).
Pages viewed.
Length of visit.

This data is collected by the web host and is used to analyse the site’s audience and improve it.

Use of data

The data displayed on the site is managed by :

Centre-Synapsy, UNIGE,

None of this data is distributed or sold to third parties.

Right to be forgotten

If you wish, you can contact us by e-mail so that we can delete your personal data.